Jem Hardware Mart Blog Latest Products Mon, 11 Dec 2023 17:48:35 +0530 en-us Benefits You Get from Glossy Interior Paint Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:44:55 +0530 One main advantage you get from high gloss enamel paint and is nothing but durability. Glossiness retains the durability of interior walls, and you will maintain & wash it with less effort.Some other important features impose the overall benefits of standard enamel paints.High-Gloss Strength:The superior paints are the optimal choice for any indoor household projects especially in the areas that are prone to rough use and scrubbing. Hence, it is quite easy to wipe out stuck dust or debris from the wall surface.On the other end, matte or flat paint shows some resistance in washing and it would have a discoloured spot if you forcefully remove the dark spot.Moisture Resistance:Another important feature of this enamel paint is that it is favourable with high moisture content. It is far better than other brands as it holds itself tight even in bathrooms. You may face some sort of discolouration and condensation spots in wet conditions.Bright & Bold:Glossy paints show their shine and boldness as compared with low-gloss paints. It would reflect natural lights like a mirror and make every colour bright & vivid. This kind of effect is easily marked in royal blue, dark brown, etc. colours whereas in flat colours you would not see such things.Creating chevrons or strips using matte and high-gloss colours adds warmth and subtle richness to the surface.Drawbacks of Gloss Paints:There are some drawbacks seen in these high gloss colours. Small mistake or imperfection in colouring is easily seen by the visitors. Hence, touching up with colours is very frequent when you are applying such expensive colours at your home.You must have a smooth finish overall to have the royal look on the inside.Best Paint to Apply in Rough Walls:All sheens of the paints are not having equal durability. The same colour may show different features with its colours and brands. Hence, you should approach the High Gloss Enamel Paint Supplierto get a durable and washable finish on the walls.Semi-gloss, white satin, high glossiness would go well in rough areas. We must know how to consider glossiness with a long durable finish.Simplification of Paint Sheens:The less standard paints are not going to give the same shine as we have seen with high-gloss paints. We must go for matte or flat paint where we will have less shiner finish, especially in bedrooms.Less glossy paints would discolour or wipe away for frequent washing. For satin colours, you will get moderate washability and durability. A high-gloss finish is mandatory when you feel more traffic and humidity.Pros & Cons in High-Gloss Look:It is very shiny even in high moisture and humid environment. But the main shortcoming comes when we mark little flaws as the mark of indentation.Hence, we need to wash the grease marks, fingerprints marks, or smudges to keep the wash shiner. It cannot be touch up for smaller flaws as it may affect the entire look of the wall.Hence, overall, we can say that the expert painter is to be hired to have the best wall painting.Pros &Cons of Semi-Gloss Paints:It has many benefits that cannot be even seen in high-gloss paints. It does not showcase any minute flaws in the wall.It goes well in the moisture areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. The main downside is that you cannot touch up in a while as the sheen of new paint is quite different from old paint.About Satin Paint:It is also an alternative for high-traffic walls with a strong washable phenomenon. It looks nice in children’s bedrooms, hallways, play areas with the addition of warm space.The main setback is the roller marks or brushstrokes that are seen as a highlight of the wall painting. Sometimes it is preferable to go with semi-gloss paint rather than satin paint when it comes to the kitchen & bathrooms.Hence, you can understand how the paints go with every part of your house. After this brief discussion, now it is your turn to prefer the paint as per your need. For high-level glossiness, you need to invest some more funds from your pocket.You may consult with your nearby High Gloss Enamel Paint Supplierto get some idea about the overall estimated budget and maintenance rules. For some areas, it does not matter whether you are applying high-gloss paints or not like bathrooms. There you may apply semi-gloss colours to save some money rather than wasting it. Why Should You Paint Industrial Equipment? Sat, 27 Nov 2021 15:42:01 +0530 The Industrial contracts are generally awarded depending on the quality, overall production and also the inspection of the products that are manufactured in the company. To make sure that your company looks presentable to the customers and clients, keeping the machinery of your industry in top condition. This is one of the most important things that one should take care of. Some companies must have a trained team who are skilled to perform maintenance services to the equipment that you use in your company. Along with mechanical maintenance, one has to take care of the outside of the machinery as well. Cleaning the machines regularly and painting the parts of the equipment is mandatory. Berger Industrial Paints Wholesaler has the best quality paint that is good to go with the machines used in your industry. Painting the machines will protect them against environmental factors as well. Following are some more advantages that you should know about painting the equipment of your company. Improved Appearance  The equipment that looks worn out will create a negative impact on the image of your company. Customers won’t feel confident about your products if the equipment and machine that you use in your company are not up to the mark. You must keep the machinery and plant looking new. This is one of the simplest things one should do to create a positive image. This will also help you gain potential clients in future. Painting your equipment have many benefits and the advantages go beyond the visual overhaul. Customers will feel that your products are safe for use if your facility is maintained. This will surely bring you more business. Adding to this the painting equipment in your chosen colour scheme will also give you more area to create a unified look. Corrosion And Rust Prevention  You can keep your machines in good condition for a long time if you paint them every year or after every six months. This protects them from corrosion and rust. We all know that machines start to fail if they start to corrode and rust and eventually the larger components will degrade completely after some time. With some paint, you can save yourself from extra costs on repairs and can prevent your machines from rusting. Resistant To Weather Changes  The industrial paint that you get in the market today helps to prevent your equipment from the changes that they suffer from due to weather changes. Paint makes your equipment Weather resistant and protects it from tarnishing, moisture damage, salt and acid rain. Adding to this the paint also acts like an Ultra Violet blocker that helps prevent the sun from fading the colour of the machine and also prevents peeling and cracks. Provides Thermal Protection  The temperature rise can create changes to the working system of the machines that you use in your company. The paint that is used in the industrial equipment makes them heat resistant and protect against thermal shock, and the changes it suffers from the temperature variations and also other problems that occurs generally when the temperature is extremely high. Extended Service Life Of Equipment  When you paint the machines and equipment of your company you will get the original finish back. This usually breaks down within three to four years. You can expect a high-quality reliable finish when you choose to use good quality paint and techniques to paint the parts. This will surely increase the lifespan of the equipment and will also maximize the investment return. Less Breakdown  Unexpected breakdown affects the production level and productivity of your company to a great extend. If your repaint and maintain the equipment regularly it will protect the business and will save it from unexpected failure. It will also reduce downtime and will save you from high costs. Increased Productivity  The equipment that is maintained properly will last for years without any damage. This will increase the level of productivity. With the right paint and techniques, you can make your machines and equipment last longer and can eliminate unplanned downtime. It also reduces the frequency of failure by creating a positive impact on productivity. Ease Of Maintenance  The equipment that is painted is easy to take care of. This is because dirt cannot penetrate through the shiny surface. You can remove dirt easily from the equipment that is painted freshly. Painting your industrial equipment will protect it from all kinds of negative effects and will keep it safe and sound for a long time. You can increase productivity every after years. Choose Berger Industrial Paints and get started. Keep your equipment maintained and last longer than ever before. Enhance the Feel of Your Home Decor by Choosing the Best Quality Decorative Paint Mon, 14 Feb 2022 11:20:28 +0530 Decorative paints get the image once rooms got to be embellished with vogue. Easy and elaborate rooms alike return to vivacious life once decorations, décor, and decorative paints are mixed up. These paints are art forms using distinctive techniques and media to embellish any space, surface, and corner. Fabrics, furniture, walls, wallpapers, floors, carpets, windows, shades all get up together; they contrast without incompatible colours to form a flawless surface and mood.     Types of shades of decorative paint   There are chiefly two forms of decorative paints accessible within the market - warm and cool.    Warm colours are red, orange, yellow violet, and crimson.    On the opposite hand, cool colours are green, blue, and mint.    According to recent research on the psychological effects of colours on the human mind, it's been studied that unique colours provide different effects on the human mind. For instance, once operating through a hectic agitated day, you'd usually like something calm and soothing in your room. To attain this, it's smart to use cool colours there.     Further categorization     Crackle paint   Crackle painting may be a fun way to create surfaces that look previous and distressed. Most formulas need a colored base coat, a layer of crackle medium, and so a topcoat; however, some newer formulas need simply the base coat and coat.      Metallic Paints   These actually contain metal flakes. While looking closely, you can see individual dots of metal. Some kinds of paint are magnetic. These formulas are best for a dramatic impact. They're usually quite shiny and hard-wearing. As a result, they reflect the lightest, metallics highlight flaws and damaged areas. Apply them solely to well-prepared surfaces, and use a soft roller or sprayer to stop brush marks.     Stone paint   Faux stone paints are rough to the touch. Looking at the formulation, these will mimic granite, marble, or other stone finishes. They need no special application techniques; simply roll or spray them on. Colour choice is somewhat restricted; however, these paints are often combined with alternative faux finish techniques to make amazingly realistic effects.     Suede paint   Suede paint is obtainable from many respectable decorative paint suppliers in Chennai and appears amazingly realistic. To use this product, you’ll initially have to be compelled to prepare the surface and apply a base colour. You will require two coats for complete coverage. Once it dries, apply the suede paint in overlapping, six-inch, the colour variations look nearly precisely just like the real thing!     Diy rough-textured paint   You can produce your rough-textured paint inexpensively by adding clean sand, a little at a time, onto your paint. Years ago, this was a typical way to texture ceilings. Keep in mind to stir the paint soft to forestall subsiding.     Categorization based on content:   Paint is majorly accessible as water-based, however, oil-based paints are used principally for shiny finishes like for furnishings, doors, and woodwork.   Users should take care while changing to water-based paints from oil-based paints as a result the surface coat may not permit the paint finish to stay properly.     Water-based paints   Surfaces dry up quickly once painting Low VOCs or low toxicity Stable colour profile Easy clean-up with water     Oil-based paints   Takes a protracted time to dry Attractive shiny finish Even finish of brush strokes Durable and arduous coat Requires turpentine to wash up the paint droplets     By creating witty use of decorative paints, you'll be able to remodel the general look of a selected space or your entire house. Effective usage of paints isn't solely science however art furthermore where an ideal combination of various colours makes your house aesthetic. Do colours speak? Yes, they speak if they're clubbed absolutely with different colours.   With the assistance of decorative wall paints, you can modify not simply the design but additionally the texture of your home walls.     Here are a couple of examples of finishes that you simply will choose from:   murals: when any kind of art is directly painted over the walls to make an exact atmosphere it's referred to as a mural. These look gorgeous even on the ceilings. theme-based: you can make use of decorative paints to fit your theme. If you wish to make a cool sea-side atmosphere in the very corner of your home then you can get the right background by painting the walls shiny blue or green.     Tips to shop for paint from decorative paints suppliers in Chennai:   First, choose the kind of decorative paint you wish Choose the colour class you wish on your walls Find the most effective provider of decorative paint Compare the value of paint from different decorative paint suppliers in Chennai Place an order online from trusty paint suppliers All You Need To Know About White Wall Putty Wed, 18 May 2022 09:57:59 +0530 Our house doesn’t only a structure of brick and mortar but also denotes the aura of our personality or existence. Apart from brick and mortar, how many of us are aware of the long lists of ingredients that are used to construct a house?Probably very few. Among the miscellaneous elements that are utilised to construct our dwelling, white wall cement is a notable one. White wall putty is nothing but a type of powdered white cement that is applied to make the walls smooth and prepared before applying paintings. The application of white wall putty can help the paint to be set on the walls perfectly for offering an additional radiance. Apart from this, white wall putty can be advantageous in so many other ways also. Hence, read the next segment of this article to know some major facts about white wall cement which can help you to comprehend its benefits and the necessity of its application. What is White Wall Cement? White wall putty or cement is nothing but a special type of fine powder that is developed from a smooth solvent and is utilised for application to the walls of any construction. White wall putty isoften applied to the walls before paintings to make the base for it. White wall putty only serves as the base coating for any painting, otherwise, it has no other function. It can be accurate for both dry and wet walls and can be used on both exterior and interior walls to offer perfect finishing. Always remember to add waterproof cement to the walls before applying white wall putty to them. Types of White Wall Putty When it comes to the topic of different categories of wall putty, there are two major types of white cement are available in the market. One is white wall cement putty and the other one is an acrylic wall putty. Anyone can getboth types of wall cement at any reputed white wall putty wholesaler. White Wall Putty The first category of wall putty that is mostly used in both residential and commercial possessions is none other than white wall putty. White wall putty contains polymers and minerals and acts as an extraordinary binding trait. Since the base of this putty is made up of white cement, it is capable to offer an incredibly smooth finish and glossy texture. This wall putty can be applied to both interior and exterior walls. White wall putty jas extraordinary abrasion-resistant and non-toxic features which can prevent any type of growth of fungus, bacteria and algae on the walls. The maintenance of this wall putty is extremely low anddue to its low absorption characteristic, it soaks a very small amount of paints. It is popular to give remarkable finish and radiance to the paints and is ideal for every type of paint. Acrylic Wall Putty The next considerable category of wall putty is acrylic wall putty which is nothing but acrylic and water-based solution. When it comes to the topic of application, acrylic wall putty is only applicable to interior walls and the binding integrity of this putty is inferior to the white wall putty. The most intriguing feature of acrylic wall putty is they are ready and instantaneous to use and safe from superficial components. Since it has a better alkali resistance, acrylic wall putty dries faster than white wall putty. Acrylic wall putty also provides an outstanding finish to the walls and is perfect for all types of paints. Merits of White Wall Putty Apart from making the walls look smoother and glowing, white wall putty can be beneficial for other purposes also which are the following. • White wall putty enhances the tensile stability of the walls. • If you want to purchase a less costly material for covering the walls of your house, white wall putty can be the best option ever. The utilisation of white wall putty can reduce the cost of construction by decreasing the paint consumption. • White wall putty can make the paintings last longer. • White wall putty is moisture-resistant, damage-resistant, and heat-resistant. It can withstand any extreme situation to provide better functionalities for the walls. • White wall putty can be applied to both interior and exterior walls due to its flake-free and high-adhesion quality. So these are some of the manor facts about white wall putty which can be helpful for anyone. You can get this multi-functional wall putty from any renowned white wall putty wholesaler.